A New Website!

Posted on January 21, 2020

Bagel Buddies! Bagelistas! Bagel Bruhs! Whatever your preferred bagel ID,  we have a brand-spanking new website for your eyes to schmear. 

Get acquainted. Stay a while. There’s a lox to consume. 

Currently, you’re on the blog. Here, we’ll offer updates any bagel news (oh yeah, the rumors are true, we have an everything bagel wing at Nickel City/Delrey Cafe, and it’s super dope. And we have new shirts!) and creative content (we’ll sprinkle the site with videos and other material like their seeds on an everything bagel) we’ve been working on, like our Chef’s Bagel video. 

For you people with a bagel fettish, and masochists with a gluten allergy, look no further than our look-books. This’ll be where you’ll get a deep dive into our menu items, including some sexy bagel photos, which, depending on your workplace, we can’t guarantee as not NSFW. 

Looking to sate your bagel needs? You can find where our bagels are served daily, both full and limited menus, and can place your catering orders under the locations, menus, and ordering tabs.

Lastly, we fucking love feedback. Let us know your thoughts are, like any of them: yes about bagels, the website, food and those things, but also the 2015 Kansas Royals, 2020 Kansas City Chiefs the latest Jia Tolentino article, and why mastiffs are the best dog breed. 

Getting this bad larry up and running took a little longer than anticipated, but we couldn’t be more pumped with where it’s at hope you enjoy. 

Tom and the Rosen’s Bagel Team